Maharashtra COVID Threat To Adilabad, Medical Officials On High Alert

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ADILABAD: The surge of COVID-19 cases in the state of Maharashtra over the past week has sent alarm bells ringing across the Adilabad border in Telangana putting the DMHO officials on high alert Adjacent to Maharashtra are the Bela, Jainath, Tansi, Talamadugu, Bhimpur, Sonala and Bazarhatnur mandals of the district. Currently, the number of cases is increasing in Yavatmal, Nanded, Nagpur and Chandrapur in Maharashtra. With the villages adjoining Maharashtra, locals are worried that the number of cases in the district could increase if the virus spreads from there.

Thousands of people commute to Maharashtra on a regular basis and recently train services have also been launched. Similarly, buses also ply from Adilabad district to Maharashtra.

District medical officers have set up village committees, which consist of Asha, ANM, Sarpanch and Panchayat secretaries and put them on alert. Officials have directed the committees to check how many people are coming into the state and get their details from where they are coming. Those who have travelled to Maharashtra are advised to undergo corona tests and seek immediate treatment if they have symptoms of cough, cold or any of the COVID symptoms.

 Bela, Gimma, Jainath, Bhimpur, Tansi, Talamadugu and Sonala primary health centre officials have also been put on alert to handle any cases and ordered to test those with corona symptoms.  

Adilabad DMHO Narendar Rathod said that with the cases in Maharashtra on the rise, PHCs along the border have been alerted and the Collector appraised of the situation. The DMHo said that people in the district should follow the COVID protocols of physical distancing and wearing masks. He also said that those who have taken the COVID vaccine should also not be negligent and take adequate measures to stay safe. Those who have travelled to Maharashtra must be tested if they display any symptoms of the virus.

Adilabad  District COVID Report

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