At Mahabubabad Couple's Wedding, Internet Plays Priest

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In the last 20 years, mobile telephony has transformed the Indian society in many ways. Not only has it bridged the gap between people in different countries, it is being used extensively for various purposes. The power of Internet and telephony this time came to unite a couple in Telangana, who were to be married, but the marriage was almost stalled because the priest could not make it.

As per reports, a couple were to be married in Tallapoosa Pally, Kesamudram Mandal in Mahabubabad District. The couple in question were Kabir Das, a daily wage labourer from Odisha and Kavitha  who were to get married. The Mahabubabad Municipal Councillor Ravi Naik came forward to perform the wedding of the poor couple. All arrangements were made for the wedding on Tuesday at the Sri Venkateswaraswamy Temple in Tallapoosa Pally.

At the time of the wedding, they got the news that the priest was unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the marriage did not stop as the locals along with Councillor Ravi Naik quickly called in another priest.  The other priest's suggestion that he would recite the mantras over the phone which was kept on speaker mode was taken and since they were running out of the muhurtham time they went ahead with the idea. This quick thinking helped in the couple taking their wedding vows as per the veda mantras chanted by the priest, thus uniting them.

The wedding video, which was taken by an onlooker, went viral on social media on Wednesday.

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