Love For Girl Child Makes Hanmakonda Couple Perform Cow's Baby Shower

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A couple from Hanmakonda, Warangal performed the Seemantham or the traditional baby shower function for a pregnant cow on Sunday. Parents of girls in the Telugu states usually perform the ritual, but in this case, it was different.

Getting into details Pasikanti Veeresham and Shobha who were staying at PJR Apartments in SBH Colony at Hanmkonda. The couple who had four sons, always wanted a girl child.  Knowing Veerasam's love for cattle, his second son Shravan Kumar bought a cow for Rs 30,000 a month ago.

The couple went to the extent of leasing vacant space for it and raised it as their own daughter.

In the course of time the cow became pregnant  and bound Hindu traditions the couple decided to perform the Seemantham in a traditional manner.

The Dharani Sai Seva Sangh of Warangal, which was providing grass for the cows at the Gosala in Karimabad, along with Veerasam couple, performed the ritual with the Warangal Kashibugga Ramalayam priest Madhuchari chanting mantras.

According to Hindu tradition, the cow was decorated with bangles, flowers, fruits, saree, and anointed with turmeric and saffron. Locals from Hanmakonda came to watch the event.

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