Looking For Reliable, Verified COVID Resources In Hyderabad? Download This App

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In the second wave of coronavirus, the demand for medical oxygen has increased throughout the country with a rapid surge of COVID-19 cases. Family members of COVID patients are running from one hospital to another for beds. Most of the people are coming forward to help in terms of passing the information regarding the availability of vacant beds, oxygen cylinders, etc., Many messages with the information are being circulated on social media.

Vensy Krishna, Medha Kadri and Abhishek Anirudhan along with 50 young Hyderabadi volunteers are helping out people who are in need by calling and verifying the messages related to COVID-19 resources and are giving valid information.

Vensy Krishna told a leading English daily that she had gone through a lot of trauma while her mother Sudha Rani was diagnosed with COVID-19. She said that she had spent a lot of time searching for a vacant bed in hospitals. She couldn't get a vacant bed but luckily her mother recovered from COVID-19 under a doctor's guidance.

She further added that it is not a simple task to call each number to verify. So, she thought it would be better if there would be a single platform that would have the latest information related to vacant beds, oxygen equipment, etc.

Medha Kadri created a spreadsheet to list emergency resources in Hyderabad. Then Vensy Krishna and Medha Kadri decided to come up with an app, hydcovidresources.com. Within a couple of hours of its first version release, they have got an immense response from all quarters. Priyanka Chopra also shared about hydcovidresources.com on her social media accounts. They realised that there is a lot of demand and so decided to develop it further. 

The app is simple to use and navigate, provides leads on oxygen, plasma, Remdesivir, beds, ambulances, meal services, blood banks, etc. Even doctors can sign up and volunteer their services - paid or free.

The Telangana government and the app creators are working together to provide a hassle free experience for COVID victims. The app can be downloaded from ‘hydcovidresources.com’ and it operates both on Android and iOS. The team is working hard to launch the app in Telugu version as well.

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