Left Parties Seek To Regain Lost Ground In Coal Belt

 - Sakshi Post

Till barely a few years ago, the Leftists had a very strong presence in the coal belt region of the North Telangana. The AITUC, which is the labour arm of the CPI, was very powerful and used to win the union elections. The CPI was very influential in assembly constituencies like Bellampalli, Mandamarri, Srirampur and Ramakrishnapuram.

In fact, CPI’s Gundamallesh was an MLA from this region for four consecutive terms. The party weathered political storms and withstood electoral waves. But, today the Left Parties have lost their power and influence. The AITUC is being repeatedly trounced in the coal belt elections, while the CPI is nowhere near victory in the assembly elections.

Sources say that the eclipse of charismatic and hard-working leaders like Gunda Mallesh, Midiyam Babu Rao, Gummadi Narsaiah and Sunnam Rajaiah has left the left parties considerably weakened. The party is no longer able to attract the youths. New recruitments have stopped. The party does not have a single MLA from this region.

If sources are to be believed, the Left parties have taken a serious view of the situation. They are said to be worried at the loss of support base to the party. They are also said to be working on the reasons for the decline of the Left In the colieries.

They are now said to be taking the upcoming elections to the coal belt union elections. A victory can revive the fortunes of the Left, they feel.

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