Irrational Fear: 2 COVID-19 Infected Constables In Telangana Forced To Stay In Hillocks

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MEHBUBABAD (Telangana): The fear of COVID-19 has turned into such an overrding factor that even policemen are not being spared from it. In a case of irrgational fear overpowering humanity, a coronavirus-infected police constable was locked out of his rented portion by his landlord here on Monday. Another COVID-19-affected colleague of his had to stay away from his house due to the risk of transmitting the virus to his children. As fate would have it, the two constables of the special police force could not be provided admission at the government hospital due to shortage of beds, forcing them to spend the last few days in the hillocks near the sub-registrar's office here.

The two hassled police constables, Sarangapani and Krishna, narrated their tale of woes to the media. According to them, at least 20 constables serving in the special police force at the Mahabubabad district of Telangana tested positive for COVID-19 two days ago. The doctors advised all of them to go into home isolation and undergo COVID-19 treatment.

While others have gone into home isolation, one of these two constables, has been forced to stay away from his family to avoid the risk of infecting his two small children. Both the constables Sarangpani and Krishna, expressed their grief that they had served the people during the crisis times by risking their lives but no one is bothered about them when they are in trouble now.

One of them is living in a rented portion of a house and the landlord refused entry to him citing a marriage that is to take place in his house. Homeless, the constable duo approached the health officials and requested them for admission at the hospital. But even there, they were haunted by hard luck as they were told that they could be provided accommodation only after two days due to the shortage of beds.

Infected with the dreaded virus and no shelter to rest and recover, the two are now forced to spend their time in the hillocks near the Sub-Registrar's office in this district headquarter town. After the media highlighted their plight, district superintendent of police Kotireddy quickly responded to end their misery. He resolved the problem after speaking to the health officials and the landlord of one of the constables. With this, one has returned to his rented house while the other has been admitted to the government hospital.

The incident is a grim reminder that no one is an exception to the hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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