KTR Reacts to Hardeep Puri Tweet on Fuel Price Hike

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Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India, Hardeep Singh Puri shared a tweet questioning the high VAT on petrol products in Telangana.  He tweeted, "The curious case of Telangana. Imposes one of the highest VAT on Petrol & diesel - 35.20% on petrol & 27% on diesel. The state govt has collected 56,020 cr as VAT from 2014 to 2021. Projected to mop up 13,315 cr in 2021-22. Adds up to a huge 69,334 cr. Where has it gone?" Here is the tweet.

KTR reacted to the tweet made by Hardeep Puri and wrote, "Puri Ji, You can’t run with the hares & hunt with the hounds. The price of a Barrel of Crude oil back in 2014 & in April 2022 is almost the same $105. But the price of Petrol in 2014 was 70 & now it is at 120. NO increase in VAT in Telangana. So where did the increase come from?"

In another tweet, he wrote, "Isn’t it true that the price increase is sole because of additional excise duties & Cesses imposed by NPA Govt? Why don’t you advise PM to scrap CESS so we can give Petrol at 70 & Diesel at 60 all over India? Isn’t it true that 26.5 Lakh Cr as CESS collected by NPA Govt."

Telangana Minister KTR said that in 2014 when the price of crude oil was $ 105, the price of petrol was Rs 70. Now, when crude oil is available at the same price, petrol is sold at Rs 120.

KTR also said that "41% of our rightful share because of the Cess imposed by your govt. In the form of Cess, you are looting 11.4% from the state & we are getting only 29.6% for FY23. The least someone learned you can do is to stop indulging in subterfuge for political purposes." 

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