KTR Invites Indian diaspora in USA to Invest in Telangana’s Success Story

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New Jersey: Telangana government is upgrading the educational infrastructure in the State on a large scale. Come be a part of ‘Mana Ooru - Mana Badi’ initiative, IT and Industries Minister KTR made an earnest appeal to the Indian diaspora at the ITServe Alliance organized Meet & Greet program in New Jersey, USA. 

Addressing the gathering of Indian origin, he said while the States which were formed before Telangana in 2001, i.e. Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand, are still struggling to settle down, Telangana State which was formed just seven years ago, has made rapid strides in development under the visionary leadership of CM KCR. Despite Covid Pandemic, demonetization, and a very unsupportive Central Govt, Telangana has done well in various sectors, he said. 

Minister KTR stated that when the state was formed, Telangana’s per capita income was one lakh twenty-four thousand rupees. And today it rose by 130% to two lakh seventy-eight thousand rupees in seven years. He added that GSDP was 4.9 lakh crore rupees. And today it is 11.54 lakh crore rupees. 

“India has 28 states. Telangana is the 11th largest state geographically and 12th largest as per population. But according to the Reserve Bank of India, Telangana today has emerged as the 4th largest contributor to India’s economic growth. Today Telangana is competing with States which have been there for the past seventy years,” Minister KTR said. 

Minister KTR mentioned how Telangana Govt resolved the long-troubling electricity issue in the State. He highlighted that the State’s installed power capacity had doubled in the past seven years. 

Before Telangana State was formed, farmers faced a lot of issues due to power crises and the industry had three days’ power holiday and industrialists were staging protests at Indira Park in Hyderabad.

But today the scenario has changed. 24/7 free power is being given to farmers, uninterrupted quality power supply is being given to industries. Very few states in India can claim something like this, he said. Every single household in Telangana today has a portable drinking water connection thanks to the visionary leadership of CM KCR. 

Minister KTR highlighted that Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project was constructed in less than four years and is providing water for irrigation to lakhs of acres. He lamented that the union government had never supported the State on this Project or lauded the efforts. 

12,769 villages in Telangana have a nursery, graveyard, dump yard, and portable drinking water connection at home. The Panchayati secretaries take care of all the activities he said. 

“In the Government of India’s Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) awards, seven villages out of the top ten villages across the country are from Telangana. That shows you real rural development happens in Telangana. We focused on integrated and inclusive development across the State,” KTR said.  

At the event, Minister KTR facilitated Dr. Nori Dattatreyudu, a noted Indian radiation oncologist. Minister KTR recalled his earlier meetings with Dr. Dattatreyudu and appreciated his efforts in contributing to society.

The Minister stated that the Government of Telangana is rapidly strengthening healthcare infra in the State. He added that the Govt is setting up new medical colleges and has set up 350 Basthi Dawakhanas in Hyderabad for the poor in the city. He also stated that all the villages in Telangana will soon have village health clinics. 

On the medical education front, Telangana had only three medical colleges. But in the last seven years, Telangana Govt has set up 10 new medical colleges in the State taking the number up to 13. He also stated that 20 more medical colleges will be set up soon. 

Minister KTR said that the Government of Telangana has recently launched the prestigious Telangana Health Profile initiative as a major step to improve the quality of healthcare services. “We launched a pilot in Sircilla and Mulugu districts. We are building digital medical records for every citizen in Telangana. We want to use the data for healthcare strategy,” KTR said.  

In Telangana rural development and urban development go hand in hand. One of those rare states where diverse sectors such as agriculture and Information Technology sectors both are growing at breakneck speed, added Minister KTR.

The Minister requested the diaspora to come forward and invest in Telangana. He explained about the IT Ecosystem developed in Hyderabad. He also highlighted the Growth In Dispersion (GRID) policy and stated that the Telangana Govt. is also developing IT infrastructure in the north and eastern parts of the city. 

Minister KTR thanked the members of the diaspora who came forward to invest in tier-II cities in Telangana. On a lighter note, Minister recollected his student life and early career days in New Jersey, the USA with the diaspora. Minister KTR’s talk at the meet and greet program received a standing ovation from the Indian Diaspora.

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