KTR Highlights Impact of Centre's Decision to Corporatise Agriculture and Power Sectors

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The debilitating impact farmers, dalits, girijans, washermen, weavers, barbers, and others would experience if the Central Electricity Bill turns into an Act, was stressed by the Telangana Industries and MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao. 

He said that while farmers will lose free power, SCs, STs, poultry farmers, washermen, barbers, weavers, and others will have to bid good bye to power subsidies. Telangana is a state where farmers cultivate lands relying on power supply. The State has 26 lakh pump sets. What would be the fate of farmers if free power is not supplied? asked Minister KTR. 

Addressing a press conference held in Rajanna Sircilla on Thursday, Minister KTR spoke about the central government's  attempts to privatize power and agriculture sectors, its disastrous impact on farmers and others. He cited examples of central government's push to benefit private players.

Minister KTR has reiterated Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s stand against the reforms in agriculture and power sectors, and the government’s resolution in assembly against the Power Bill. 

He said that like petrol prices which surge every other day, charges for power too will increase if private companies start distributing power. The prices will not stabilize. If the central government has its way and if the power bill becomes an act, the worst affected  State across the country will be Telangana, he added.

Points from the press conference– 

Telangana is witnessing large scale cultivation of crops under the leadership of our CM K Chandrarkhar Rao who is a farmer's son. The State has become a role model for the country. 

Crops are being cultivated in 1.35 crore acres in Telangana. An additional 50 lakh acres of land was cultivated from 2015 to date. It has been possible because of Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, and strengthening of the irrigation sector. But Union Minister Piyush Goyal mocked us asking us to practice eating broken rice. 

While crop cultivation in Telangana ushered festive spirit, the central government decisions are causing distress to our farmers.. 

BJP Central government is  taking revenge on farmers. They want to turn farmers into farm labourers in their own land. They are trying to put agriculture sector into the hands of corporates. 

Center is trying to corporatise agriculture and the power sector. Our CM has pointed this out multiple times, which is becoming true now.  

The Centre is selling public sector companies. Even procurement of grains would be privatized 

According to the Food Security Act, the Central government has the responsibility to buy every grain. But it is shying away from responsibility. 

Central government is taking steps with  strong intentions to privatize power sector 

They will  push agriculture and power sectors into losses with thier incompetent and ineffective  decisions

Under Narendra Modi's leadership, the number of poor people in India is more than that of Nigeria.  India's position in the hunger index is worse than Bangladesh, Pakistan. 

Agriculture sector is heading into a crisis because of the decisions taken by the central government. 

Central government's decisions will turn a farmer into a farm labourer in his own land. Farmers in the State and across the country have to realize this. 
In the name of power reforms, Central government is trying to privatize the power sector without holding consultations with people, without  proper discussions in Parliament. 

We have passed a resolution in Telangana Assembly raising objections against Power Bill 

Alike to the manner petrol prices have surged, power tariffs too will increase if private companies start distributing power 

Procurement of grains might be privatized from next season. An attempt is being made to benefit private companies. 

Telangana CM Sri KCR has objected to reforms in agriculture sector and stood by farmers 

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