Kodandaram Accuses Telangana Government Of Phone Tapping

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana Jana Samithi president M Kodandaram made sensational remarks against the Telangana state government. He also accused Telangana government of phone tapping. He criticised that the phone tapping of opposition party leaders and journalists by using pegasus is unlawful. He said that there is a need to fight against such unlawful activities.

Recently, Congress leader Padi Kaushik Reddy's phone call leak created a lot of stir amongst the political circles. He resigned from the Congress Party. Senior Congress leaders staged a protest and accused the BJP government of having used the Pegasus spyware.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that all his phones have been tapped. Speaking to reporters, Rahul Gandhi added that, "It is not only this phone but every single phone of mine is also tapped. And let me tell you another thing, I get phone calls from IB people who tap my phone. They call me up and say please be aware that we are tapping your phone. Also, by the way, my security people tell me that they have to debrief what I say and they have to report to their seniors everything I say. So, I am under no pretensions that I am not tapped." 

He further added that "This has happened to me three-four times. My friends were called and told to tell Rahul Gandhi that his phones are being tapped."

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