Kishan Reddy's Comments On Etela Joining BJP

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Etela Rajendar, a former Telangana Health Minister, is all set to become a member of the BJP's Telangana division.

Etela Rajendar, a former minister, is currently in Delhi.

Kishan Reddy, who is also in Delhi, will leave.

Telangana: Etela Rajender, a former minister, appears to be on the verge of joining the BJP. Kishan Reddy, the union minister, responded to Etela's inclusion. He said that discontent inside the party was a matter of internal affairs.

The Etela Rajender scandal has sparked a lot of debate. In a week, he is said to be donning the saffron kanduva in the presence of Delhi BJP party officials. As a result, the discontent within the party's cadre following Etela's admission is of relevance. While Etela has already arrived in Delhi, numerous other Telangana BJP leaders, including state president Bandi Sanjay and Vivek. Kishan Reddy, a union minister, and a top BJP official made some interesting comments on the new developments.

According to Kishan Reddy, everyone must work together to overthrow the tyrant KCR. He added that everybody in the opposition must unite against the Telangana CM. Etela brazenly stated that he had no choice but to join the BJP. Etela said that he only went to Delhi after meeting with state president Bandi Sanjay. Etela claimed he also met JP Nadda, the BJP's national president. He went on to say that the action was well received by the party's leaders.

Kishan Reddy, on the other hand, made shocking remarks about Inugala Peddireddy, another senior BJP politician who opposed Etela's inclusion. "It's natural to feel dissatisfied in a party.

He stated that that was an internal matter. "It's not necessary to speak those things aloud... We'll talk about it within the party." Kishan Reddy said he didn't feel compelled to reply to the criticism.

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