Khammam No Longer A Congress Citadel

 - Sakshi Post

In the 2018 elections, Khammam was the only district that went in favour of the Congress Party. The party had won handsomely in most assembly constituencies. It had registered victories from Madhira, Paleru, Yellandu, Pinapaka, Bhadrachalam and Kothagudem constituencies. In both Sattupalli and Aswaraopet, the TDP had won with the Congress support. Similarly, a Congress-backed independent had won from Wyra constituency.

But, soon the ground began slipping from under the Congress feet. Its elected MLAs had joined the TRS one by one. Barring one or two MLAs, most MLAs have defected. Similarly, the Aswaraopet MLA had joined the TRS, while the other one is not sure which party he is in.  Not just that the Congress was outclassed by the TRS in the gram panchayat and the municipal elections. Kothagudem municipality, which was always with the Congress, too has slipped out of its hands. What is worse, the party came third after the Left Parties.

Even in the cooperative body elections, the situation did not improve. Now the biggest challenge is that the party cadre, who remained with the party all these years, are leaving and are joining the TRS. Will the Congress be able to stop this exodus and salvage the situation? Lets wait and see how things unfold in Congress. 

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