Khammam Couple Detained For Attempting ATM Robbery

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad police arrested a couple for attempting to break into an ATM and rob it on Thursday. Reportedly it was a private bank ATM centre at Raidurgam. The couple made a plan to rob the ATM after noticing that there was no guard.

The couple was a local of Khammam. They tried breaking into the ATM multiple times on Wednesday. They took notice that there was no security guard or anyone manning the ATM. After multiple failed attempts, the duo decided to get rid of the evidence. They destroyed the surveillance cameras in the centre and fled the site with the hard disc and other stuff.

It was the locals who brought the matter to light. Citizens, who went to withdraw cash from the ATM centre, saw the scene that was left behind. They immediately informed the police. Soon after the officials caught the two of them.

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