KCR Threatens To Dump Paddy In Front Of India Gate

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that he will dump tonnes of paddy in front of India gate in Delhi and Prime Minister's residence if the central government refuses to procure it. He further stated that the Telangana government is ready to spend Rs.250 crores and would hire 1,000 lorries and dump the paddy. He also said that he would dump paddy in front of the BJP office and outside Union Minister Kishan Reddy's residence as well.

KCR asserted that "The Center is behaving like a Kirana shop and is looking for a profit motive in everything. A government shouldn’t always look for a profit motive. It has a social responsibility to discharge."

He stressed the point that the NDA government has increased the prices of everything that a middle-class person uses on a daily purpose. So, they have to be dethroned. 

He further stated that "It is due to their policy that 750 farmers committed suicide. BJP’s sole gain in the last eight years is to destroy the social fabric of the society."

He quoted, "If the farm laws were good, why did you repeal them and apologize to the farmers? What is your credibility now? BJP will have to apologize to the farmers of Telangana as well."

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