Karimnagar Villagers Terrorised By Monkey Menace

 - Sakshi Post

Monkeys are creating havoc in villages across Telangana. It is common for the village people and they are used to it. 

However, shopkeepers are finding it difficult to handle the monkey menace. To protect their shops they have put up grills. Now, particularly in Karimnagar, the population of monkeys have gone up.

Shopkeepers say that they are unable to protect themselves from monkeys and have no other option but to protect their shops with grills. After abandoning the nearby hillocks and forests, the troops of monkeys have begun to march into the villages in search of food. Farmers had stopped cultivating vegetables, groundnut, green gram, red gram and bengal gram because of the monkey attack. With no food available, monkeys have been attacking the shops.

Kirana shop owners in and around Karimnagar have taken adequate measures to prevent monkeys from attacking them. Apparently, monkeys come in hundreds to attack the shops every two days. 

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