In Karimnagar, More Men Commit Suicide Than Women

 - Sakshi Post

KARIMNAGAR: The police statistics from 2020 revealed that more men died by suicide than women in Karimnagar district. There was an increase in suicide cases last year.

According to the data from 2017-2020, a total of 953 persons ended their life by committing suicide. Out of these, 667 were men and 273 were women. With each year, the suicidal deaths among men keep going up.

In year 2017, a total of 232 persons committed suicide with 161 of them being men. 2018 saw a decline with a total of 229 suicidal deaths and 115 cases with men. In 2019, the total number of deaths by suicide was 239 with 162 men it.

There was a significant rise in suicidal deaths, last year. According to the statistics, there were a total of 253 suicidal deaths last year. Among these, 189 were men.

There are various reasons to people ending their lives. Commissioner of Police, VB Kamalasan Reddy said the reason could be poverty, sickness, harassment, love affair and break-ups and others. The major reason was sickness with over 430 people committing suicide due to sickness in the last four years.

Apart from that poverty and lack of money forced people into taking such a drastic step. Around 208 people ended up taking their lives due to poverty in years 2017-2020. Over 9 students took their lives upon failing exams.  

Followed by sickness and poverty, it was love affairs and break-ups that became one of the reasons. People who were unable to pay debts also ended up taking their lives. There were a number of farmers among people who couldn’t pay their debts.

Their method was different but most commonly; people ended their life by hanging. Over 375 people died by consuming poison and 82 by drowning. Many people used several other methods.

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