Jobless Kathalapur Youth Sets Himself Ablaze

 - Sakshi Post

A 20-year-old youth committed suicide on Saturday. He tried several methods of suicide and succeeded in his third attempt. The incident took place at Ghambhirpur in Kathalapur Mandal. The boy tried three different methods and succeeded in the third one.

Mohammad Tajuddin first tried to end his life by hanging. When the parents were not at home, he tried to end his life by hanging from a ceiling fan but the attempt failed as the fan fell. According to the police report, Tajuddin then tried consuming pesticide. A while later, he started doubting the pesticide and thought it will not be enough.

Tajuddin then decided to end his life by setting himself ablaze. He poured kerosene on himself and lit a match. it was being said that the reason behind the boy’s suicide attempt was his parents denying him a motorbike. The jobless youth wanted a two-wheeler and made a request regarding it, many times. But the parents refused. This is when he decided to commit suicide.

The neighbours started seeing smoke coming out of the house and became alert. They immediately informed the parents. But by the time they came home and unlocked the door, it was too late. Tajuddin was already dead.

The case is now under investigation. Police rushed to the house and took Tajuddin’s body to a nearby hospital for post-mortem.

Such cases are on the rise nowadays. The youngsters are not able to find a job and they become vulnerable sitting at home. Sometimes they even fall prey to certain scam schemes and when they end up losing a heavy sum, the youth decides to end their life.

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