Jangaon: Chain Snatcher Throws Baby Into Sump

Jangaon: Chain Snatcher Throws Baby Into Sump - Sakshi Post

In a terrible incident, a chain snatcher took the life of a 10-month-old baby. The incident took place in Ambedkar Nagar of Jangaon district. The chain snatcher who was riding on the bike tried to pull the chain from the neck of the woman who was carrying the baby. The woman tried to save herself from the chain snatcher and the chain fell in her arms. Then the chain snatcher took the child from the woman's arms and threw her into the nearby sump tank. 

The girl died due to suffocation after she was thrown into the sump. The deceased child was identified as the daughter of Nadigoti Bhaskar and Prasanna. But when the incident took place, the mother was alone with her child. Police have filed a case and further investigation is done on the clues from CCTV footage.

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