Inspiring Telangana Teenager Runs Two Startups and Helped Many Find Jobs

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Just at the age of 21, a boy has helped many with jobs and even runs his own start-up. Imagine running your own start-up company while also helping out friends with training and job, not many can do that let alone at the age of 21. But this young man from Telangana has made it all possible.

Sai Abhinay Chepuri is a B.Tech final year student from Lovely Professional University (LPU). He pursued his higher studies in computer science engineering. Abhinay successfully runs two start-ups and his 2017 venture; ‘Make it Memorable’ even helped more than 80 photographers find stable jobs.

Abhinay was born in Yangal in Rajanna Sircilla district of Telangana. The will to help others and the spirit to do good, Abhinay inculcated this from his father. Abhinay’s father was always helping others. He lent money to people but in doing so, he ran into debts. But it did not affect the family. Abhinay and his father continue to help the people.

Abhinay decided long back that he will also work hard and help people, like his father. After completing his education, Abhinay started Make it Memorable (MIM). Through this, he helped many aspiring photographers and videographers find jobs. Many times these talented youngsters have skills but are not able to connect to big firms or present their work to these agencies. Abhinay tries to help people with whatever he can do.

As he didn’t know much in the beginning, Abhinay arranged the first job placement event in his college. At LPU, Abhinay was given permission for the same and even received help from his professors. He continued the work and later organized similar job placement events at both Jalandhar and Hyderabad LPU campus.

Many people helped Abhinay in his initiative. The faculty at LPU especially was of great assistance. Many NGOs like Photography Welfare Association, Helping Hands NGO and others also provided all the help needed.

Abhinay worked hard in order to convince everyone. To make these companies attend the events is a hard task. You have to convince them and make sure they come to these events. Both the corporates and the candidates are expecting something; we have to make sure we help them. Abhinay continues his work and helps people through Make it Memorable (MIM).

He was also awarded with  Emerging Entrepreneur of year at SWI International Awards-2019. 

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