India's First Transgender Clinic in Hyderabad

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HYDERABAD: Telangana’s capital city recently started India’s first transgender clinics. There are now two such clinics in Hyderabad. These will not be the only clinics in the country as it is just the beginning of a countrywide project.

According to the central government plan, there will be many such clinics that will operate across the country and Hyderabad is just the start. This comes in accordance with the Transgender Persons Act, 2019. There was a need for transgender exclusive clinics to be built across India and Hyderabad was the first city for it. After this, other metropolitan cities will also be getting such clinics.

Trans activist Rachana Mudraboyina shared that there was a reason behind Hyderabad being chosen as the first one under this project as the city has a risk of HIV among trans people. We needed to start such a clinic for them.

When you compare the prevalence percentage of Hyderabad with India, you will see that the percentage here is 6.47 while overall in India it is 3.13 percent. The aim is to be an AIDS-free nation by 2030 and for that India has been in partnership with National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). Hyderabad’s clinic will also be in line with United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) visions.

One clinic is at Narayanguda and the other at Jeedimetla. This project is aimed at providing proper help to trans people and help them at a larger level. It will be aimed at taking better care of them. To make as many trans people aware of these clinics, the message regarding their opening is being shared everywhere.

The clinic is operated by trans people. Only persons from their community work here. The doctors and helpers are all trans people. Dr. Prachi and Dr. Ruth, the main doctors there are also of the trans community. The clinics are not just meant for health issues. Individuals here can receive counseling, therapy, hormone therapy, mental health help, and more.

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