India Needs Decisive Politics Not Divisive Politics, Says KTR

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Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao criticised the union home minister who visited Hyderabad today. He said that 74 years ago, a union home minister came to unite and integrate the people of Telangana into the Indian union but today, a union home minister has come to divide and bully the people of Telangana and their state government. Through his tweet, he mentioned that India needs decisive policies, not divisive politics. Here is the tweet.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is in Hyderabad today. He hoisted the national flag as part of the ‘Liberation Day’ celebration of the central government. He said, "They celebrate, but not as Hyderabad Liberation day, they still have fear. I want to tell them, remove fear from your heart and Razakars cannot take decisions for this country as it got independence 75 years ago."

He further added, "I want to congratulate Modi because he understood the aspirations of the people of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana and decided to celebrate Hyderabad Liberation day."

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