IIIT Basar Failed to Provide Health Insurance Despite Collecting Fee, Allege Parents

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Hyderabad: Two weeks after the incident of food poisoning at IIIT Basar in Nirmal district left 20 students seriously ill, parents have alleged that the institution failed to provide medical insurance to students despite collecting an annual fee of 700 towards health insurance. The institution had collected the fees from around 1500 students amounting to Rs 10 lakhs the previous year. 

The incident came to light after the institution did not provide any financial support for the treatment of students, who were taken ill following food poisoning. One of the students, Shabothu Sanjay Kiran, died on July 27 while undergoing treatment at Warangal. 

Responding to this issue, IIIT Basar Vice Chancellor V Venkatramana said, owing to the pandemic the amount was not paid to any insurance company. "However, we have got in touch with insurance companies and the coverage will be available from August 1," he added. 

Earlier in July, about 100 to 150 students had to be administered basic treatment after they complained of severe stomach pain post a meal at the institute's mess.

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