I’ll Knock Off His Teeth; Tollywood Singer Sunitha Warns Of Imposter On The Prowl

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Well-Known Tollywood Singer Sunitha is back in news for a different reason now. The celebrity is enraged over the news that an imposter is posing as her nephew and collecting money from gullible people under this guise. To set the record straight, Sunitha came up with a Facebook live video informing netizens and her followers of this new weird way of cheating by using her name.

Visibly livid, Sunitha, in the video, said that a man named Chaitanya from Anantapur is allegedly cheating some innocent people by posing as her nephew. He has already conned a few people claiming to be a singer, she added.

Advising everyone against falling in this conman’s trap, she vented her anger saying she would beat him black and blue if ever she came across him. “Vaadu kanipisthe, pallu raalagodathaa.., (I will knock off his teeth if ever I meet him.)” she said in Telugu in the video.

"It has been brought to my notice that the person has been making money in my name. I do not know who this person is and have not seen him before," Sunitha sought to clarify in the video message.

Stating that she has never met him in person, she requested everyone not to be deceived by the conman Chaitanya. Appealing to people to be careful, she said that it has become an easy way for some fraudulent people to make a profit by using the names of celebrities.

Sunitha said that she would be lodging a police complaint against Chaitanya.

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