Hyderabad's Bansilalpet Stepwell To Open on 15th August 2022

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Telangana Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav announced that the 17th-century stepwell being renovated in Bansilalpet will be inaugurated on Independence Day later this year. The minister stated after inspecting the stepwell that 2000 tonnes of material had been taken from the well in order to purify the waters.

According to MAUD Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar, the Bansilalpet project is the sixth stepwell being restored, and 20 additional similar wells have been identified for restoration work around the city. Kumar stated that the state is restoring heritage sites as it seeks UNESCO designation for the city and capitalise on its heritage value. He also asked residents of the twin cities to provide the GHMC with information about similar heritage wells so that they may be restored.

Kalpana Ramesh, a conservation architect who has actively participated in the restoration of such heritage projects, stated that the state has approximately 600 heritage step wells, 60-80 of which are located in the twin cities. Kalpana highlights that restoring such wells could aid in resolving urban flooding difficulties, reducing groundwater pollution, and ensuring water security. She also encouraged non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and activists to get involved in the restoration of such projects.

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