Hyderabadis Who Created Stampede At Ikea And Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge Opening, Now Go Missing From GHMC Polls

 - Sakshi Post

When the biggest IKEA mall opened in Hyderabad, people were there. Hundreds of locals went to the mall’s opening. People were immensely excited for it. Even when the Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge opened, it saw a mad rush of people. Everyone in Hyderabad was excited for events like these. Then what happened at the time of elections?

Many people did not vote in the recent GHMC election of Hyderabad. The voting that took place on Tuesday (2 Dec) saw less number of people at polling booths. This year the voting percentage is expected to end at 45%, with only 36.73 per cent at 5pm. 

Many Hyderabadis expressed their disappointment on twitter. While sharing pictures from IKEA opening and bridge opening, locals asked each other when they can take out time to attend such events, then why these same people can’t make little time to cast their vote. People recalled the mad rush and huge lines outside liquor shops during lockdown.

Here are some of the tweets made by people who were disappointed in the voting percentage. 

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