Hyderabadis Reviving An Undying Legacy Of Vintage Motorcycles

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Vintage Motorcycling, an epitome of an undying legacy. Motorcycles are a connection to the past and a reminder of someone we have shared our memories with. One can also associate to their past with a twist the throttle sending a tidal wave of memories and nostalgia. Vintage bikes possess a charm that transcends us into a glorious past and creates a sense of belongingness.

Royal Enfield Vintage motorcycles have always held their own charm. Any avid rider in India would love to own their own Royal Enfield bullet. The legendary ‘Bullet’ motorcycle was first displayed in November 1932, at the Olympia Motorcycle Show in London. Three versions are produced: 250, 350, and 500cc, all with inclined 'sloper' engines, twin-ported cylinder heads, foot-operated gear change, and high compression pistons. Some of our passionate riders from Hyderabad who owns RE Vintage motorcycles will like to take you through their journey of owning a vintage motorcycle and how it transcends them to keep the legacy alive.

Some of our Hyderabadi riders are creating their own identity and leaving their legacy behind.

Kashyap Reddy, Hyderabad-based businessman and a proud owner of a Royal Enfield 1986 standard bike which he has named, RAAVAN. He discovered his passion for motorcycling from his father and feels that motorcycling is like therapy to the soul and heart. Kashyap feels that vintage bikes have their own stories attached to them which makes them even more attractive than modern bikes. He occasionally goes for short trips with his friends on his vintage 1986 RE motorcycle.

Our next rider, Alpesh Patel is a Hyderabad -based businessman. Alpesh narrates that he has been riding since Class 8 as one of his most fulfilling experiences.  He recalls how he bought his vintage Royal Enfield 350, painted it Ivory White, and named it THUNDERUN. For him, motorcycling is more leisure and unwinding himself after his hectic day at work. A proud owner of 2 RE vintage bikes- Royal Enfield 1961 and Royal Enfield 1984. Alpesh always aspired to own a bullet for himself as during growing-up years he has heard of legendary stories about RE Bullet. He narrates that his best travel experience on the RE 1984 was a trip to Ladakh in 2012; it was a 32-day trip starting from Hyderabad to Ladakh and ending back in Hyderabad. He dreams to ride to Mansorvar someday in his vintage Royal Enfield.

Aaron Dominic Hillier is a 30-year-old senior marketing and logistics manager based out of Hyderabad. He was an avid motorcyclist before he lost his right leg in a major motorcycle accident a few years back. After the accident, Aaron started facing difficulty in riding together with his amputated leg. So, he did not ride for a long time.  During this time, he recalls his first job post the accident as an instructor to the deaf and mute children. He narrates how it took him time to understand the language and he enjoyed the entire process of interacting with the kids. Being an instructor gave him a greater purpose in life and the way we adults can learn a lot from children. He further narrates his journey to the challenges he faced when he wanted to start out riding after the accident. He started slow with a scooty pep and within six months, he finally started riding his Royal Enfield. He was heavily inspired by Indian Larry and he made further modifications to his motorcycle like creating a Jockey Shifter and did a run test on everything as planned. The further modifications helped him in learning how to handle the bike and balance it with one leg.

He inherited his 1972 Royal Enfield from his dad. He recalls his first long ride to Mumbai together with his vintage bike and the way he had enjoyed the entire process of riding. He started riding at the age of 16. Motorcycling is sort of a stress buster for Aaron and his escape from reality. Today is a proud owner of a 1972 Royal Enfield and an Interceptor 650. In his time off, he enjoys playing cricket and cleaning his bikes. He likes to spend time together with his family during holidays. He believes that a disability should never stop anyone from achieving their goals. Motorcycling gives him pure joy and his amputation couldn't take hold of him and slow him down.

Royal Enfield, a global leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment, had launched its pre-owned motorcycle store ‘Vintage’ in Hyderabad.  Royal Enfield now boasts of 10 such vintage stores across the country. Royal Enfield Vintage Store is a format that deals exclusively in pre-owned, refurbished, and restored motorcycles and is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the two-wheeler industry. It is designed for existing and potential Royal Enfield customers looking for quality-tested motorcycles with optimum value and a hassle-free experience.

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