Hyderabad: Stamps & Registration Department New Module To Ease Hurdles Of Real Estate Officials

 - Sakshi Post

The Stamps and Registration department has introduced a new module for the benefit of realtors and to save time during the process of registration -uploading documents and other information related to the number of flats in advance.

The new module has been introduced by the department, a couple of days ago and the real estate businessmen should fill an application form on the website and should enter his or her personal and company details.

The main aim behind coming up with this new module is to generate the details of the real estate company and the number of flats intended to be sold. On the other hand, for the convenience of real estate businessmen, a dashboard would be created. On the dashboard, one could find the details of the number of flats sold by the realtors along with the house numbers and the remaining flats which are yet to be sold.

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