Hyderabad: Special Covid Vaccine Drive For The Left Over Citizens

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Hyderabad: A special mop-up vaccination drive against COVID-19 started on August 23 (Monday) in Hyderabad, intending to vaccinate those who had been left out of the process thus far. According to the idea, a two-person mobilization team will go door-to-door and identify unvaccinated people in advance. This drive will run to fully vaccinate all the citizens.

Officials from the GHMC have already devised a strategy to ensure that everyone in Greater Hyderabad is inoculated. A 10-day immunization drive will be held in all of Hyderabad's divisions as part of the strategy. In each division, 10 to 15 colonies and bastis have been discovered, and vaccination centers are being established to help everyone have access nearby.

Under this drive vaccine shots will be provided to 4,846 colonies, slums, and other places in GHMC limits, said Chief secretary Somesh Kumar. It will also include 360 sites within the cantonment. The officials stated that 150 cars would be used for inoculation at GHMC.

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This vaccine drive will be held for 15 days in total. It started on August 23 and will run for 15 days in Hyderabad and Secunderabad areas to help vaccinate everyone that was left out earlier. This is to ensure 100% inoculation of all the citizens.

Many citizens have been vaccinated, thanks to the drives conducted earlier and cooperation from few private hospitals as well. But the process will still have to go on for some time as not everyone in the state has been vaccinated yet.

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