Hyderabad: Single Pending e-Challan May Land Vehicle Owners In Trouble

 - Sakshi Post

Challans will be issued for speed driving, wrong parking, and driving without a helmet. Not only common people but also many ministers and senior government officials won't pay traffic challans issued to them. They delay clearing the dues. Now, if you avoid payment of e-challans, beware! Traffic police are in pursuit of those who are not paying amounts despite sending e-challans to them.

Madhapur Traffic CI made it clear that the police can seize the vehicle if there is a single pending challan. On Sunday, police seized the bike of a lawyer Nikhilesh at Parvath Nagar Chowrastha. Madhapur Traffic police seized Nikhilesh's bike as there was a pending challan. A challan of Rs. 1650 was pending and SI Mahendra Nath asked Nikhilesh to pay the pending challan. Then the lawyer refused to pay the challan. As a result, the bike of Nikhilesh was seized and he questioned how can the Traffic police seize the bike because he had only one pending challan.

Madhapur Traffic CI made it clear that according to the rules, they can seize the vehicle if there is a single pending challan. The traffic police have been urging the citizens to strictly adhere to traffic rules for their safety and that of others as well.  Traffic officials warned the violators neglecting payment of fines within the deadline and said that their vehicles would be detained and legal action would be taken against them.

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