Hyderabad: Shivali Johri Creates 13th Guinness Record

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad woman Shivali Johri and her parents Kavita Johri Srivastava and Anil Srivastava have created history by securing 13 Guinness World Records. The family holds 2,200 hand-made paper quilled dolls in one place, setting a record for the largest exhibition in the world.

The family altogether so far holds 13 Guinness World Records, 15 Assist World Records and 4 Unique World records. This is also the highest number of Guinness records held by a single family in Hyderabad.

Earlier, the family secured 11 Guinness World Records for the largest display of 1,251 different handmade paper dolls, 7,011 uniquely quilled flowers, handmade paper quilled dolls of 2,111 different varieties, origami whales of 3,501, origami penguins of 2,100 and 6,132 origami citrus fruits inflated lemons, 6,001 origami whales, 2,500 penguins, 1,451 origami maple, 2,200 quilled dolls and 9,200 origami fish.

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