Hyderabad Rains: Doppler Radar Has Gone Kaput

 - Sakshi Post

It’s not just rain but even technology seems to be angry with Hyderabad. Even as rain is battering an already bludgeoned Hyderabad, the Doppler Radar that gives real time data about the cloud movement and rain pattern in the city has gone kaput.

According to IMD staffers, the Doppler Radar can provide minute to minute imagery to predict the rain fall pattern  and it would be very useful in places like Hyderabad, where water logging is a perennial problem. The radar has developed snag and has stopped functioning. Now, it can be repaired only on Monday or Tuesday depending on the arrival of technicians from Delhi.

For the GHMC, this is piling up misery on misery. Due to this snag, it failed to predict 18 cm rainfall in the Twin Cities on Saturday, which led to breaching of some water tanks and bunds. As a result, the people were put to great difficulties. Due to the failure of the local Doppler Radar, the GHMC officials are now using the data provided by the IMD station in Machipatnam in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.  The GHMC is also using data from the Mausam App of the IMD and another private weather prediction company.

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