Hyderabad Police Warns Against Fake Advertisements Of Eseva, Mee Seva

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderbad Police warned people to be be careful against the fake advertisements that try to grab the attention. The police said that fake advertisements are published in newspapers at periodic intervals inviting applications from interested persons to open “t-SevaKendras” that will provide online services like Ticket bookings, Bill payments, Money withdrawals using Aadhar etc.

Police said that the main target seems to be to attract the unemployed youth by using the keywords like Seva. ESD (MeeSeva) office has received calls whether these centers are related to MeeSeva and whether they are Government authorized centers?

It is informed "t Seva" centers are no way related with eSeva/MeeSeva or other Government services. The services purportedly offered are publicly available services which are available on open internet. There is no need for any agency for these services.

The advertisement by t Seva centers is by private individual. This is a conscious attempt to mislead people by using similar sounding words of MeeSeva. Citizens are advised to be careful to respond to the advertisement by t Seva or anyother similar sounding name.

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