Hyderabad Operation Muskan: Cyberabad, Rachakonda Police Rescue 712 kids in July

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A total of 712 kids were rescued in July in Hyderabad under Operation Muskan. With Operation Muskan-VII in Cyberabad in July, 453 children were rescued from child labour, begging, and trash picking. Also, a total of 205 cases have been filed against those who hire children as labourers.

According to authorities, 49 children were rescued from begging, and the details of 37, who were suspected to be missing, were posted to the Darpan App. Any information regarding these kids will be available on the app, so it is easier to track their families.

From the total number, 251 boys and 59 girls were from Telangana, with 132 boys and 11 girls belonged to the neighbouring states. Teams from law enforcement, the She Team, Child Welfare officials, and Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, raided many industries and companies, under the Muskan operation.

Another rescue operation that was held in Rachakonda had 259 kids rescued. 259 children, including 82 girls, were rescued from child labour, begging, and other situations. With the help assistance of the Darpan App, the teams were able to carry out these rescue operations. Many rescued children among these, belonged to other states like Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Cases were registered against everyone involved. Those who employed children were booked.

From July 1 to July 31, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, the Rachakonda She Team, and Child Welfare Department authorities coordinated the rescue operation. 

Earlier in the first week of July, another operation was conducted. Eight minors, including two girls, were rescued from various locations within the Rachakonda Police Commissionerate on Tuesday as part of Operation Muskan-VII. Officials in Ibrahimpatnam rescued three young boys, who were working at a shopping centre and handed them back to their parents.

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