Hyderabad: Missing Girl Found Brutally Killed

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In a very heartbreaking incident, a 13-month-old girl child who went missing on Sunday was found dead under suspicious conditions on Monday. The incident took place in the Miyapur area of Hyderabad. The dead body of the little one was found in an open area near her house in Omkar Nagar.

According to the police, the parents of the girl child who collect the garbage had left the kid with a neighbour on Sunday morning. After completing their work, the parents returned home in the evening and they didn't find the little girl. They immediately filed a complaint with the police.

The police and the family members of the child searched for the little one but all their efforts went in vain. Later, on Monday morning the grandmother of the child found the dead body of the little one in an open area near her house. The dead body of the infant was shifted to Gandhi hospital for an autopsy.

Miyapur Police Inspector S Venkatesh said that they have registered a case and took up an investigation. He said that "We have launched the investigation to find out where and how she drowned and if anybody dumped the body after killing her at some other place."

In the complaint, the parents of the child raised suspicion on a 13-year-old boy who also went missing from the day when the child was missing. Police said that they are going to investigate in all the angles to know the exact reason behind the death. The little girl was found dead with her eyes gouged out.

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