Hyderabad Man Has 117 Challans Against His Vehicle For Traffic Violation

 - Sakshi Post

A man in Hyderabad was caught by the traffic police and he has 117 unpaid challans, amounting to a total of Rs.29,720 in fines.

According to the reports, the man was identified as Mohammed Farid Khan and he was caught in a routine vehicle checking by the Abids Traffice Police while he was passing the Hyderabad Collectorate. He was caught driving his Activa vehicle without wearing a helmet.

As per the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, the police can impound vehicles with over 10 unpaid challans and most of the challans have been issued from 2014 for wrong parking and riding without a helmet. Challans were issued during the COVID-19 pandemic because he was riding without wearing a mask in public places while riding.

According to Hyderabad Police's e-challan website, a warning was issued to the owner to clear the challans failing which a charge sheet would be filed against the vehicle.

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