Hyderabad Man Falls to Death During Video Call With Brother in Manikonda

 - Sakshi Post

On Saturday morning at Manikonda, Raidurgam, a man died after slipping and falling down the second level of his multi-story property while on the video call. 

Samuel Sujeeth (32), a private employee, was married and lived in Manikonda Gardens with his family. According to the police, the incident occurred at 6 a.m. while Sujeeth was on a video call with his brother Supreeth, who is presently residing in the United States. They were discussing the latter's wedding arrangements.

He was with his other family members when the mishap occurred. Sujeeth continued the call after the others had finished talking by walking on the second floor of their house, which had no parapet wall.

The officials said that " The second floor was under construction, and the parapet walls had to be built. He slipped and fell from there on the ground. He suffered a grievous bleeding injury on the head and died on the spot."

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