Hyderabad Loan Recovery Agents Brand Borrower Rapist to Force him to Repay

 - Sakshi Post

Another case of loan recovery harassment by loan app lender registered in recent times. A Hyderabad man filed a complaint against a finance company agent as they have falsely branded him as a rapist. The victim, a Hyderabad resident, filed a complaint with the central crime station earlier this month, claiming that he had taken a loan through a mobile app a few years ago and had paid it back. According to the Times of India he is being harassed by loan recovery agencies to date. 

The FIR stated "They morphed my photo and inserted text claiming that I had raped and brutally assaulted a five-year-old girl. They further stated that she is presently in the ICU. My morphed photo with this content was shared with members of my family and friends on WhatsApp."

According to police, the case is being investigated based on the victim's complaint. "We must look into the case on where they are calling from. However, we've received many complaints about harassment from loan apps,"  the officials stated. Rachakonda police stated they had received oral complaints from persons who said they had received follow-up calls demanding money. As per the reports, at least six people committed suicide in Telangana after being allegedly harassed by money lenders.

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