Hyderabad KIMS Doctors Perform Rare Surgery On 28 weeks Old Baby

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Doctors conducted a very rare surgery successfully and saved the life of a 28-week-old preterm baby. The incident took place in Hyderabad. A group of doctors at KIMS conducted the surgery on newborn who weighed just 1.1 kg at birth and had to get a device fixed to close the hole in the heart. According to the reports, this baby is said to be youngest child to undergo such an operation in Telangana.

Going into the details, Anita and Rakesh Singh from Chandanagar blessed with a baby girl on April 21.

Dr. C Aparna, Chief Neonatologist, KIMS Cuddles said that, "The baby was born on April 21, seven months into the pregnancy, with an 80 to 90% chances of survival. The newborn was born with a heart problem called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), which is essentially a gap between the two major arteries extending from the heart."

The baby required breathing support, which was supplied through several medical measures, according to Dr Sudeep Verma, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist at KIMS Cuddles. Furthermore, he stated that examinations revealed that the hole had started to grow more.

Dr. Aparna said that "The PDA remained open. As a result, we decided to perform the surgery to close the hole using a device." The baby was discharged after nearly two months and recovered from all the surgeries.  The little one was discharged on June 11th and the weight of the baby was 1500 grams.

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