Hyderabad: GHMC Sets Up 68 Pelican Traffic Signals To Make Road Crossings Safer

Hyderabad: Pelican Traffic Signals Installed To Make Road Crossings Safer - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The GHMC has installed advanced pelican crossings to prevent traffic accidents and save pedestrians' lives who can now breathe easy and cross the busy roads of Hyderabad.

GHMC officials said activating a button triggers a red light for vehicles that are in place for 15 seconds, consequently helping pedestrians walk past hassle-free.

Officials said that 68 of the 94 proposed signs have already been installed, following the suggestions made by the Hyderabad traffic police.

“GHMC is working to prevent accidents and provide safe crossing for the public by installing pelican signals at schools and colleges,” the officials added.

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