Hyderabad: Electric 2 Wheeler Goes up in Flames

 - Sakshi Post

Every day, the explosion of an electric scooter makes headlines, and people who are planning to buy EV scooters to avoid fuel expenses are now having second thoughts on their decision. Recently, an electric two-wheeler caught fire after "smoke and fire came from its battery," fortunately, nobody was hurt. On Wednesday night, the owner of the electric vehicle and a friend were traveling on the EV scooter and it suddenly stopped and smoke began to come from the battery. They stopped and fire exploded from the battery, and flames engulfed the vehicle.

The video of the incident has gone viral. Last month, an 80-year-old man died and three of his family members were burned when the battery of an electric scooter plugged in for charging exploded at their home in Nizamabad district. In another case, the battery of an electric two-wheeler burst while charging on May 8 night in Karimnagar district, but no one was injured.

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