Hyderabad Documents Theft Case Receives New Twist As Mother Complains Against Sudhir Reddy

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: In the documents theft case amounting to Rs 100 crores and created a sensation in the city, shocking details have now emerged.

Sudhir Reddy's mother Ajantha has lodged a complaint with the police on Monday stating that all the documents and revolvers, which belonged to his son-in-law Kota Reddy have been stolen by her son Sudhir Reddy, the prime accused in the case.

She also stated that Sudhir Reddy has been threatening her to transfer assets worth Rs 30 crores into his name.

Sudhir even locked her up inside the house leaving dogs on me, she alleged.

"He also harassed his father who could not bear his torture and died. I have a threat from my son," she said, seeking protection from the police.

She said that her husband had named her as the wilful holder of their house worth Rs 30 crore before his death. Sudhir has been threatening her as she had not handed over the house to him.

She also said that her son had bought illegal weapons from abroad.

"I have complained to DGP Mahender Reddy that there is a life threat from my son, four days ago. I am donating all assets which are in my name to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Ashram," she stated in the complaint.

Meanwhile, Aditya Home Chairman Kota Reddy has lodged a complaint against Sudhir Reddy over document theft from his house.

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