Hyderabad Air Quality Has Not Improved, Here's Proof

 - Sakshi Post

There was a lockdown or curfew for many days in Telangana, but even with that, the air quality has not changed. There is Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the city’s air. According to the research studies, air quality in any state or city is to increase or get better during a lockdown, but that did not happen here.

As the level of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is high in the city, the risk of certain health issues is also high here.  This can lead to respiratory problems, asthma, and other issues. During the lockdown, the air quality did not get better.

The Covid lockdown came into effect in Telangana on May 12 and was extended till mid-June. The nitrogen dioxide pollution was 69 percent in Hyderabad in April 2021. Experts have said that this is not just because of pollution but also because of the change in weather.

According to the sources, nitrogen pollution has increased in Hyderabad. Compared to last year, the level of nitrogen pollution has gone up by 69 percent. Similarly in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and other cities also there was an increase.

Experts believed that the change in weather conditions will bring a change in NO2 pollution as well, but that did not happen. It is different during the full lockdown. When entire India was placed under a lockdown due to Covid19, the air quality became better. But now cities including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Chennai, Lucknow, and Kolkata are showing a concerning increase in air pollution and the overall air quality in these places have gone bad.

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