Huzurabad Bypolls: Ex-IPS RS Praveen Kumar Not Supporting Any Political Party

 - Sakshi Post

RS Praveen Kumar, the former IPS officer who resigned from the post of Secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutes Society made sensational comments on the upcoming Huzurabad bypolls. He asked the people not to believe in the fake news that is doing all the rounds on social media regarding his support to few leaders who are participating in the Huzurabad bypolls. He said that his support is always towards education, medical treatment and employment. He asserted that the political leaders are spending lots of money on the Huzurabad byelections. He further added that it would have been better if the money is spent on the development of the constituency. He warned the public not to drag him into such controversies. He said that he has taken VRS and is busy finding out a new house.

RS Praveen Kumar after 26 years of serving Telangana as an IPS officer, he had applied for voluntary retirement to pursue his passion for social justice and equality with more vigor at his own pace. After the formation of Telangana state, he worked as the secretary, APSWREIS. During his tenure, many gurukul institutions have been formed in the Telangana state.

Ever since Praveen Kumar has submitted his resignation, there were speculative reports on social media platforms stating that he would join the politics and even contest Huzurabad byelections. Praveen Kumar reacted to this news and said that he can't say anything about this right now as he wanted to focus more on social justice and his personal life.

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