Hostile Forces Trying to Foment Communal Trouble in Telangana: KCR 

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Hyderabad: Allegations that the NDA government at the Centre is hurting federal values, weakening the states financially and also centralising powers marked the I-Day speech of Telangana Chief  Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday. 

Launching a tirade against the NDA government from the ramparts of Golconda Fort during I-Day celebrations here, KCR said the makers of the nation's Constitution put in place a federal structure as they wanted the Centre and states together to lead the march of progress.

“The present Central government in Delhi is hurting federal values. The Centre is indulging in conspiracies that weaken the states financially, as if cutting the branch on which one is seated,” he said.

Alleging that the Central government is eating into the states' share in tax collection, KCR said states are supposed to get 41 per cent share in revenue accruing through taxes collected by the Centre, but states are getting only 29.6 per cent share. He said the Central government is acquiring income indirectly by imposing cess instead of taxes to reduce the states' share and thus states' share of income is reduced by 11.4 per cent in 2022-23. 

KCR claimed that the Central government which talks about the ideals of cooperative federalism is, in reality, indulging in centralisation of powers. Referring to the now-rescinded farm laws, the Chief Minister said the Centre is making legislations without consulting the state governments.

The Chief Minister also criticised the NDA government for making the lives miserable for poor and middle classes by imposing taxes on various products, including milk and construction of graveyards. 

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He claimed that “those in constitutional posts are indulging in fascist attacks” to hurt India's peaceful coexistence and also said that destructive forces are trying to foment communal trouble in Telangana and to hurt peace and development.

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