Horrifying Video Shows How COVID-19 Patients Are Left To Suffer In Gandhi Hospital

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: One more video surfaced on social media showcasing the pathetic situation of the COVID-19 patients inside the Gandhi Hospital which is a COVID-designated hospital. The visual, which will send a shiver down one’s spine, shows two COVID-19 patients abandoned in the corridor of the hospital. There was no one attending and taking care of them.

Part of the reason for this sorry state of affairs at the hospital is the fact that only four ward boys have been deputed to take care of over 60 COVID-19 patients. On the other hand, Gandhi Hospital has been receiving a steady stream of COVID-19 infected persons due to the rampant spread of the dreaded virus in the city and beyond.

Here is a heart-rending incident that shows how the fear of coronavirus is making people inhuman in their treatment of others. A person named Harun Shah and living in the Paramount colony of Tolichowki, collapsed on June 30 while he was having food. The people next-door came out on hearing the sound of his crashing to the floor but soon retreated into their flat. On the next day, when he was found dead, rumours began doing the rounds that he died due to coronavirus.

Taken over by irrational fear, all his neighours put their flats under lock and key before abandoning the complex. Even police came and inspected the body but did nothing to shift it from there. Upon learning about the incident, a distant relative of the deceased arrived at the place. As no one turned up for the last rites, he approached Mujahid Sakeena Foundation. Previously, the foundation had performed last rites for Orphans and COVID-19 patients.

Meanwhile, Telangana's COVID-19 tally touched 20,000-mark with the biggest single-day spike of 1,892 coronavirus cases on Friday. Now, the state has more number of coronavirus infections than Rajasthan and West Bengal. Telangana has witnessed a new high of 1,892 COVID-19 infections, taking the total number of coronavirus count to 20,462.

Telangana is currently at sixth position in the list of states with more number of COVID-19 cases. Eight deaths have been recorded in the state on Friday, taking the death toll to 283. GHMC continues to be one of the worst-hit areas and it has alone recorded 1,658 cases on Friday. 

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