Gurudakshina Indeed: Disciples Help Jobless Teacher Set Up Tiffin Centre

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JAGITYAL: This story will certainly figure among the most heartening COVID positive tales. In an awe-inspiring gesture, a group of disciples in Telangana came together to bail out their teacher who was steeped in severe financial crisis, after coronavirus made him jobless. They came to know that their teacher lost his job following the imposition of lockdown due to COVID-19 and this is what they did. His students came forward and erected a shed to enable him to start a tiffin centre.

According to details, 52-year-old Hanumanthula Raghu hailing from Korutla in Jagityal district had been working as a teacher in a local private school. He lost his job under the crippling impact of coronavirus lockdown on the economy and was going through a tough phase of his life. Worse still, he became jobless at a time when he was taking care of his family which includes his unemployed son. On knowing Raghu’s pitiable condition, his disciples, from the 1997-98 batch SSC alumni of Rudrangi ZP High School, have decided to help their teacher out of this trouble. They got a shed set up for Raghu to start a tiffin centre.

Raghu had incidentally taught them English and Biology at Rudrangi ZP High School.

Moved by his disciples' gesture, Raghu named the tiffin centre as ‘Gurudakshina’. Speaking about this, Raghu said, “I have no words to express my gratitude towards the students who came to my rescue.”

Now, as an extension of their responsibility towards their teacher, all his former students are promising to bring in customers to the tiffin centre which will open for business from Sunday.

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