Groupism Sinks Congress Boats In Khammam

 - Sakshi Post

Till recently, the Congress was the most powerful party in Khammam. Even in the face of a TRS tsunami in 2018, the Congress held on to its own in Khammam district. The Congress and its allies had won nine of the 10 seats. But, all this glory seems to be a thing of past.

Ever since the 2018 elections, the Congress has been losing all the elections that it contested. The party had lost the Lok Sabha and gram panchayat elections. Later, it lost the municipal elections. Though it managed to salvage some prestige in the cooperative elections, it could not file the nomination for the DCCB post. On the whole, the party is losing its leaders and cadres. Many party workers, who stayed with the party through the thick and thin, are now leaving the party.

But, despite this dire position, the groupim is refusing to die. The party is now divided into two major factions – one led by Opposition leader in assembly Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and Renuka Chowdary. These two leaders are now trying to gain control of the party in Khammam.  Even as the party is losing ground at a fast pace, the leaders are refusing to learn their lessons. If the same trend continues, the party might lose its last citadel – Khammam.

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