Govt Of Telangana Announces Blockchain Symposium - Unblock 4.0 And Blockchain Hackathon

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The Government of Telangana has been a pioneer in the adoption of various Emerging Technologies like AI, Blockchain, Drones, and Cybersecurity to provide value to its citizen and promote eGovernance. Emerging Technologies have continued to be a focus of the Telangana Government as is evident in the 2nd ICT Policy 2021-26.

The adoption of blockchain technology has been a business-centric than technology-centric decision by various organizations as it yields immutability, decentralization, etc. to the systems. Within Telangana Government itself, 10+ blockchain projects and been piloted or scaled with applications in finance, supply chain, and more. The applications of Blockchain are truly endless and therefore, In the last few years, there has been significant growth in its acceptance.

The rapid advent of this novel technology is changing the landscape of all major industries such as Fintech, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, etc. globally. It has disrupted the entire landscape of data exchange in most industries and plays a significant role in simplifying data management, streamlining processes, making supply chains more efficient, and improving data security. Even as you read, this technology is reshaping the way the world interacts based on the need for more security, transparency, and trust. 

In pursuance of this technology first attitude, the Telangana Government has provided a platform in partnership with DLT Labs, hosting one of the largest virtual blockchain symposiums of its kind: Un-Block 4.0 followed by two-week extensive Blockchain hackathon named HackDLT.

Un-Block 4.0:

Un-Block 4.0 is one of the largest virtual blockchain symposiums on 21st October which intends to provide participants and delegates broad-spectrum knowledge through presentations and pointed insights about various industries through case studies. The leaders of this technology will share their vision and insights at the symposium. And the discussions that follow will bring new thinking from fresh minds.

The symposium shall also have rich panel discussions that will allow participants to share their points of view and network with the delegates. The discussions will fuel thought and spark debate on how blockchain has changed the way we see transactional security and Enterprise-to-Enterprise (E2E), Enterprise-to-Government (E2G), and Department-to-Department (D2D) collaborations. These discussions will also throw light on what the future holds for corporate contracts.

HackDLT :

HackDLT is 14 days of pure adrenaline and problem solving Blockchain Hackathon from 21st Oct to 2nd Nov on various problem statements in the public sector. It shall be conducted by DLT Labs with the support of the Emerging Technologies Wing, ITE&C Dept, Govt. of Telangana to build a research community of blockchain enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity for Blockchain enthusiasts to showcase their skills in a competitive and challenging atmosphere. Even those with minimum coding knowledge are encouraged to register and build applications on this ready-to-use, tech enabler platform. 

Shri. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana, announced the event quoting “In times when Data Security & Governance are of utmost importance, more Governments and Businesses are set to integrate rapid advancing technologies like blockchain to facilitate safe and secure transactions & operations using the distributed data management. This kind of integration of blockchain technology is something Telangana is looking out for. This hackathon is, therefore, the right platform to accelerate blockchain skills and solve public sector problems.”

Mr. Ajay Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer, DLT LabsTM, present at the announcement quoted “Un-Block 4.0 is a perfect platform for unveiling the power of blockchain by presenting various industrial-grade applications that are solution-centric which will prove to be beneficial to both private & public sectors. HackDLT is built on the concept of ‘Any Body Can Develop’ which will kindle a spark and guide blockchain enthusiasts in developing applications using blockchain technology on our plug and play tech-enabler platform.”

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