GHMC Polls 2020: Bandi Sanjay Slams TRS And AIMIM

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BJP's Telangana unit president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar said that the BJP is called as a religious party if it speaks for Hindu Dharma. He further added that CM KCR makes yagas for his own purpose and AIMIM is the party that kills the cow. TRS and AIMIM used to work hand in glove. He further questioned that what is the problem of AIMIM leaders if Hindus celebrate a festival per week.

Speaking with media, Bandi Sanjay told that people must teach a lesson to AIMIM and TRS. Telangana Chief Minister KCR did not make any development in Hyderabad. There is no development without funds from the central government. He further asserted that the centre has allocated  2 lakh houses whereas KCR has not even built a single. KCR‌ didn't even meet the people who have suffered from floods. Bandi Sanjay added that they will provide free treatment and testing for COVID-19.

KCR promised people that he would give jobs to them instead he gave jobs to his family members. People should use the vote as a weapon and should teach a lesson to TRS and AIMIM.  He further added that DGP is reading the script which was given by KCR.  He said that CM KCR wants to create a situation where voters can't come out and vote. Bandi Sanjay expressed anguish over Telangana Chief Minister KCR for creating conspiracies.

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