GHMC Elections 2020: Candidates Get Busy With Photoshoots To Lure Voters

 - Sakshi Post

It is time for the GHMC elections, meaning it is also time for new pictures and new campaigns. Candidates are getting photoshoots done. New hoardings, posters, banners and leaflets are being printed out. 

On Wednesday, candidates went for a photoshoot at a Barkatpura studio. Many of them from multiple political parties have attended the session, getting pictures clicked with a confidence smile. 

The photographer is capturing images of the candidates in multiple poses, so that it can be printed out and distributed. He is also paying attention to the angle and personality of the candidate. Photographer Satish has also clicked Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s pictures, previously. 

Several photographers are extremely happy with the GHMC elections. The studios were facing a crisis due to the pandemic. People did not call the photographers for any birthday or wedding shoots. But now they can cover the rallies and campaigns and this has finally come as a blessing to their business.

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